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EAI’s New Fort Myers Office!

Gopher Tortoise

EAI is excited to announce its expansion to the west coast of Florida with the establishment of a new branch office in Fort Myers, Lee County. 

Services offered at the new location include, but are not limited to:

  • environmental assessments
  • environmental resource permitting
  • endangered species monitoring and management
  • gopher tortoise relocation
  • seagrass monitoring and mapping
  • conservation land planning and management
  • water quality monitoring
  • manatee protection planning
  • plant and wildlife inventories
  • wetland delineations and management
  • power plant distribution and transmission line environmental support services
  • GPS and GIS mapping services

Feel free to contact us at (239) 215-2082 with any questions.  

Turtle Tank Exhibit

October 2014. EAI sponsored the installation of a turtle tank at Martin County’s Environmental Studies Center (ESC). The ESC holds a juvenile loggerhead turtle that is used to educate children about sea turtles. After two years, the turtle will be released, and a new turtle will be obtained. EAI has been involved in the Environmental Studies Council, the non-profit group that supports the environmental education programs offered by the ESC, for many years.